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BBM Music v1.0.0.124, available to download in Beta Zone
сообщение 25.10.2011, 12:54
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BIS Зарубежный оператор
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BlackBerry 99xx Bold Touch

RIM has pushed out a new update for BlackBerry Music app. BBM Music v1.0.0.124 is now available to download in Beta Zone. Here is what’s new:

General Improvements:

- Users with a reduced BlackBerry data plan can use BBM Music over Wi-Fi
- Account and subscription information is now shown in Options
- Trial length is now shown on first use of the application
- Low memory warnings shown when there is not enough memory to cache songs or run application
- SureType and virtual keyboard errors fixed
- Updated text in all supported languages

Media Playback Improvements:

- Player now lets you click album art to play in more cases
- Playback stability improved, especially on CDMA devices
- Improved offline song playback on OS 5.0 devices
- Improved long song playback on devices with low memory
- Improved warnings about streaming over the mobile network
- Reduced the delay when skipping songs
- Faster opening of large playlists

Contacts Improvements:

- Easier sorting of songs
- Faster loading of All Songs
- Notification icons for comments and friend requests
- Performance improvements to support larger numbers of contacts
- URLs for email invites and sharing are now much shorter (recipient needs the new version of BBM Music)
- PIN of the invitee is hidden when inviting user from BBM Music to BBM
- BBM 6.0.1 beta users can now invite BBM contacts that don’t have BBM Music installed

Known Issues:

- Playback may not stop if Bluetooth is uncleanly disconnected
- Refreshing screens can cause rendering issues on certain device resolutions
- Saving playlists with many songs may result in delays
- BBM Music email invite links are only actionable through Menus on certain device builds.
- Connecting to BBM can cause delay at Step 2 of 4 requiring application restart
- Email links sent will not open in older version of BBM Music
- Prompts to download a newer BBM version will not work until BBM 6.0.1 is available

If you’re already a member of BlackBerry Beta Zone, you can get the BBM Music update here.

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сообщение 7.11.2011, 19:28
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BIS БиЛайн
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BlackBerry 9550 Storm 2

11/02/11 officially launched in the USA, Canada and Australia, enjoy! wink.gif
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сообщение 6.5.2020, 12:42
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